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Linkedin told me you were having a work anniversary today! Happy anniversary!!! You will always be one of my favorite people ever.

Thank you for everything you did for me in NYC. :)

Much love!



Dynamic, Integrity, Competent, Friendly, Responsive, Extraordinary Matchmaker, Well Connected, Great people to have in your court. Working with Leslie Silver & Associates puts you in a WIN -WIN situation. -B.N

Leslie Silver and Associates is a wonderful agency to have in your corner when you are looking for work. I have worked with Leslie and Mark over the course of about 6 months and they are incredibly positive, warm, and take the extra second to pay attention to the details about the person and their goals. More important than even the caring and respect you will be treated with, is the level of efficiency with which you will be matched to appropriate work. I highly recommend that you give Leslie a call! -G.L

I have known Leslie and her associates for nine and a half years, ever since I first arrived in New York; she is loyal and honest without a fault. Having moved up from the south, Leslie guided me through the maze of things I had to learn to succeed in not just temping for her but also finding a job in the most impossible of times. She has sent me out on temp assignments for people she found positions for and I never once heard anything unprofessional said about her and the company. Everyone who knows Leslie in the city knows her on a professional side and I personally think of her as a friend. -A.H

Straight forward, bluntly honest and terribly to the point; not only was she tip top kosher, she had a presence unlike any I have ever come to witness. She helped me re-craft my resume and she kept in touch with my pestering emails. What she promised she delivered and so did her amazing office. Claire was just awesome. Mark was the perfect EA anyone would ever want to meet. To be honest, if you have the talent LS&A is looking for, they will surely place you. If you dont, I am sure LS&A will provide the best available advice and will truly work with you to discover your new pathway. -M.P

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